Ben Affleck Wants to Be a Pop Star in New Dunkin’ Commercial — GeekTyrant

Ben Affleck has teamed back up with his favorite food chain Dunkin’ Donuts, and this time, it follows the actor and filmmaker as he attempts to become a pop star in his spare time. There’s a “To Be Continued” message at the end of the commercial, and you can bet that the second half of the story will debut during the Super Bowl next Sunday.

You can watch the commercial below, which begins with Affleck watching news coverage of him and wife Jennifer Lopez at an awards show, with a headline that reads “The Boredest Man in the World.” So, Affleck sets out to become a music sensation, but there’s one big problem, he lacks the talent.

This is a pretty amusing commercial, and it’s so funny to me that Affleck has such a deep love of Dunkin’ Donuts! They don’t even have very good donuts!

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