Trailer for the Horror Film HISTORY OF EVIL Set in a Future Where America Turns into a Theocratic Police State — GeekTyrant

Shudder has released a trailer for its upcoming horror thriller History of Evil, which is set in the near future, a time where war and corruption have plagued America and turned it into a theocratic police state.

In the story, “Against the oppression, ordinary citizens have formed a group called The Resistance. One such member, Alegre Dyer, breaks out of political prison and reunites with her husband Ron and daughter Daria. On the run from the militia, the family takes shelter in a remote safe house. But their journey is far from over, as the house’s dark past begins to eat away at Ron, and his earnest desire to keep his family safe is overtaken by something much more sinister.”

The movie was written and directed by Bo Mirhosseni, and it stars Paul Wesley, Jackie Cruz, Murphee Bloom, and Rhonda Johnsson Dents. This actually looks like an interesting film that will tell a crazy story.

The movie will stream on Shudder on February 23, 2023.

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