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Thelma is a delightful and super fun movie that made its mark at Sundance this year. With a unique premise inspired by a true-life experience, Thelma brings an unlikely action hero to the forefront and delivers a charming, humorous, and entertaining cinematic experience.

At the heart of writer and director Josh Margolin’s film is 93-year-old Thelma Post, fantastically portrayed by June Squibb in her first leading role. Thelma is a strong-willed woman who refuses to be labeled as fragile just because of her age. When she falls victim to a phone scammer who swindles her out of $10,000, she embarks on an unexpected and treacherous journey across the city of Burbank, CA to recover her money. Thelma’s determination to right this wrong leads to a series of comical and thrilling escapades that keep the audience engaged from start to finish.

Margolin weaves together the action genre tropes with humor and age-appropriate charm. Thelma’s quest to right this wrong is inspired by Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible franchise to embark on her journey and she uses her resourcefulness and clever thinking to tackle the obstacles that get in her way.

The chemistry among the cast is great, and the characters’ interactions are a genuine highlight of the film. Parker Posey as Thelma’s daughter, Clark Gregg as her son-in-law, and Fred Hechinger as her grandson Danny contribute to the family dynamics that add depth and amusement to the story. Thelma’s relationship with her family is heartwarming and humorous, as they underestimate her abilities and determination.

However, the real star in the film is June Squibb. Her portrayal of Thelma is spectacular and the movie showcases her incredible talent and charm. Squibb brings the character to life with grit and determination, making Thelma a lovable and relatable hero.

As Thelma’s journey unfolds, the film subtly explores themes of aging, mortality, and the human spirit’s resilience. Thelma’s desire for independence evolves as she learns to accept help from unlikely sources, ultimately revealing that she can live life on her terms while allowing others to support her.

Thelma is an absolute joy to watch, filled with humor, charm, and even a few thrilling moments that keep the audience engaged throughout. Thelma was one of my favorite films at Sundance, and it left a big smile on my face after watching it. You won’t want to miss out on this heartwarming adventure that reminds us all that you can never be too old to be an action hero.

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