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A Full Wolf Moon is upon us.

There are a few different ways to catch this once-a-year occurrence as it glistens in your sky — whether it be in person or via livestream.

The first full moon of 2024 is a phenomenon that takes place when the moon is on the exact opposite side of Earth from the sun.

Here’s how you can ensure you won’t miss the Full Wolf Moon and everything you need to know about its timing:

When is the Full Wolf Moon?

January’s Full Wolf Moon is on Thursday, Jan. 25, which also marks the first full moon of the year. 

What time will the Full Wolf Moon be visible?

While the full moon will peak during daylight hours at 12:54 p.m. ET. on Jan. 25, it will be bright in the night sky soon after sunset, and continue through daybreak on Jan. 26.

The good news is that this sighting will be available all night long, beginning when the sun sets.

One thing you should note is that the appearance could be compromised if your area is experiencing fog or clouds. If that is the case, the Full Wolf Moon will be available to watch on a free livestream beginning at 3:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, Jan. 25.

What will the Full Wolf Moon night sky look like?

When you look up at the moon tonight, it will appear to be in the Cancer the Crab constellation. The constellation is one of the dimmest of the Zodiac, however, it contains one of the brightest star clusters (Beehive Cluster).

What is the meaning of the “Wolf Moon?”

Hence the name, the Wolf Moon indicates the beginning of wolf mating season. 

The phase impacts social behaviors such as traveling in packs and howling for “long-distance communication to pull a pack back together and to keep strangers away,” according to the National Wildlife Federation.

What happens after the Full Wolf Moon?

Following the Full Wolf Moon, the moon will transition to the next new moon phase, which will take place on Feb 9. 

In many cultures, the February new moon will mark the start of a new lunar year.

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