Don’t Destroy Me ★★★★ — Jewish Renaissance

They may be onto something, however, for George (Timothy O’Hara), a bookie and the other lodger on the same floor as the Kirz household, is a bold example of toxic masculinity and barely hides that he’s getting it on with Shani. It’s hardly surprising then that Leo is a figure of anger, who cannot empathise with the son who needs him, and the stage seems set for confrontation and conflagration. Under the circumstances, is it a good move for Shani to invite the local rabbi to tea to meet Sammy? She thinks the teenager shows a keen interest in his Jewish heritage and hopes the rabbi will help him come to terms with all that entails.

Amid the emotional turmoil, there is one warm, expansive presence – landlady Mrs Miller, who is played with vivid gusto by Sue Kelvin. Dressed in overalls and a headscarf, she is the hardworking, homely, practical housekeeper (and peacekeeper).

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