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John Wick franchise director Chad Stahelski wants in on the fun over at Marvel Studios, and there’s one project in particular that he would love to get a shot at directing… Blade.

During an interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Stahelski opened up about his career and explained that he has a good working relationship with Kevin Feige. In fact, he calls Feige a mentor, saying:

“Look, I’ve worked for Marvel a bunch and they’ve been very very good to me. Kevin Feige… he’s almost been a bit of a mentor in the capacity of advice he was very happy to give me about how to open up a franchise with John Wick.”

Stahelski has worked on a lot of the stunt elements in the MCU over the years. He went on to talk about his desire to take on Blade, saying:

“Of all the things out there, I would take a swing at Blade in a second. Like that’s one that gets under my skin, like ‘Ah! I’d take a swing at that one.'”

He would be the perfect director for a film like Blade because that’s the kind of movie that will hinge on quality action and stunt performances. Blade is currently in the middle of a long development and it has gone through multiple writers and directors. But, Mahershala Ali is still attached to star in the film… for now. The director currently attached to the project is Yann Demange.

Stahelski understands that the timing isn’t right for him to take on Blade, but it is something that he and Feige have discussed. He said:

“We’ve talked about it, but look they’ve got a good formula… they have their thing going and I think they’ve got the right people involved in Blade now… I’m not in the Inner Circle but we’ve had talks… Just for whatever reason things come together, and there’s a good fit for everything out there. But for what they’re doing they’ve got a great thing going, but if that thing doesn’t work out, in five years from now… maybe on the fourth reboot of Blade or the fifth reboot of Blade… Maybe I can pull back Wesley and jump in.”

There is a chance that the filmmaker could direct a Blade movie one day. This first one most likely won’t be it, though, unless Demange drops out at some point!

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