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The Apple TV+ series Severance was one of the best shows released in 2022. We got a great first season with a wild cliffhanger ending, and aside from the notice of a renewal, we haven’t had an update about the second season despite coming up on the two year mark since the first was released. Now we finally have a little bit of news, at least keeping us on the hook, knowing that the second season is still coming.

After the official Apple TV X account posted a picture of Adam Scott’s character Mark Scout in season 1 with no caption or further context, one viewer tweeted in response, “Give us a sign @BenStiller.” Stiller serves as director and executive producer on the series, and he replied, “We’re working on it,” followed by a saluting emoji. 

Like most shows, Severance suffered a setback due to the 2023 strikes, but it’s good to hear that the series is pushing forward, slowly, but surely. Season 2 doesn’t have an exact release date, but it does show that it will be released in 2024, so we have that to look forward to.

Severance stars Adam Scott as a team leader at the super-secret company Lumon, where employees are voluntarily severed from their personal lives. When they enter the elevator to start their day, their minds are switched over to their work selves, who know nothing of what goes on outside, and vice versa. It also stars Patricia Arquette, John Tuturro, Britt Lower, Zach Cherry, Dichen Lachman, Jen Tullock, Tramell Tillman, Michael Chernus and Christopher Walken.

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