Last chance to get Samsung US’ $50 promo for Galaxy S24 pre-orders

There are less than 24 hours before the Galaxy Unpacked event for the S24 series starts and we expect that pre-orders will begin immediately after. This means that now is your last chance to secure a $50 Samsung Credit by reserving a phone right now.

Essentially, you fill in this form with your name and email (and optionally your phone number) and you will get an email to remind you when the actual pre-order begins. This email also give you the $50 credit. Note: the credit can’t be applied towards the phone’s cost, but you can pick up, say, an accessory for it.

If you change your mind you can always just drop the whole thing – there’s no deposit or any commitment to complete the purchase. We will have detailed reports on the new Samsung Galaxy S24 trio tomorrow, so check back with us.

Last chance to get Samsung US' $50 promo for Galaxy S24 pre-orders

There might be some major changes, e.g. rumor has it that Samsung could follow Google in offering 7 years of support for the new flagships. Other things might not change, e.g. we expect to see the same free storage upgrade that Samsung has offered in the last few years.

The most interesting thing will be the trade-in credit – that will be up to $970 based on what the reservation page says. This could make an upgrade from a recent Galaxy S or iPhone quite cheap.

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