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Amazon‘s Prime Video has ordered a series adaptation of the Ed Brubaker graphic novel Criminal. The project was announced last year with Brubaker and co-creator Sean Phillips serving as executive producers. Brubaker also wrote the pilot script and will serve as co-showrunner with executive producer Jordan Harper.

Criminal is set in a gritty, noir-inspired world, the series delves deep into the criminal underworld, exploring the lives of various characters who inhabit this dark and morally complex realm. Each volume of “Criminal” is a self-contained story, but they are all interconnected, building a rich tapestry of crime, betrayal, and redemption. The series actually features some really compelling storytelling.

Brubaker said in a statement: “Sean and I have been building this world in our books for over a decade, and now to be able to bring it to life for Amazon is just incredible. And to have Amazon support the project the way they have, and show so much faith in my and Jordan’s vision for the show is even more incredible.”

Nick Pepper, head of U.S. Amazon MGM Studios said in a statement: Criminal is a beloved graphic novel created by the most iconic team in the history of comics. I know our global Prime Video customers will immediately embrace this story, and I look forward to working with Ed, Jordan, and the team to bring it to the screen.”

Brubaker explained in a past interview: “Criminal tells the interweaving saga of several generations of families tied together by the crimes and murders of the past. And one of the big events in many of these characters’ pasts, which has been referenced since the very first Criminal story, was the death of Teeg Lawless. Before we even met Teeg, we knew that he had died when his son was a teenager, but other than the identity of his killer, we have never told the rest of that story. It’s just been a ghost haunting the series, as Teeg Lawless has become one of the most popular characters in the comic.”

Legendary Television will also serve as an executive producer. The series is produced by Amazon MGM Studios.

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