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Warner Bros. is developing a new reboot of the classic horror film The Blob and it will be written and helmed by Hellraiser and The Night House director David Bruckner.

This will be the fourth Blob movie to be made. The original film was released in 1958 and it starred Steve McQueen. I love that original film! In 1972 director Larry Hagman remade the film and it was titled Beware! The Blob, I don’t ever recall seeing that one. Then there was the 1988 movie directed by Chuck Russell, which starred Kevin Dillon. That was the first version of The Blob that I saw. I was a kid when I watched that movie and there were certain scenes from the 80s version of the film that have haunted my dreams.

There aren’t any details to share on the story for this latest remake, but the original movie is B-movie magic and it revolves around a small-town community in Pennsylvania that becomes the target of a mysterious and deadly extraterrestrial creature.

The story begins when a meteorite crashes to Earth, carrying a gelatinous, amorphous mass that quickly engulfs and devours anything it touches. As the Blob grows in size and menace, the town’s residents must rally together to confront this alien threat and find a way to stop its relentless rampage.

The new movie will be produced by David Goyer and Keith Levine of Phantom Four, with Judith Harris serving as executive producer. Harris is the rights holder and the widow of Jack Harris who produced both the 1958 and 1988 versions.

What do you think about The Blob being remade again?

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