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Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller recently offered an update on the upcoming sequel that will close out this wild Miles Morales journey. They promised that this final chapter in will leave fans satisfied and they also offered some additional insight into what’s going on in Miles’ head as his story continues. Lord told Deadline:

“It will be a very satisfying conclusion. It goes even more emotionally deep into the relationships between Miles, Gwen, Peter B., [and Miles’] parents.”

Lord also shared that all of our favorite characters would be back for the final send-off to the Spider-Verse trilogy. He went on to talk about the cliffhanger ending of the second movie, which featured Miles stuck in the wrong universe facing off against a variant of himself, who happens to be the Prowler.

“The big thing that’s interesting for Miles [in Beyond the Spider-Verse] is how do you deal with a sense of betrayal and turn it into something affirmative? And I think that the thing that we try to do with these movies is represent goodness and show how the love that the characters in the movie have for Miles translates into his growth and success.”

Franchise star Jake Johnson, who plays the older Peter B. Parker in the films, previously talked about Beyond The Spider-Verse and assured fans that the third movie is going to be epic. He said:

“Here’s what I can promise, and I said it about the second one when we were in the middle of it: Phil Lord, Chris Miller, everybody, the producers on this, the directors they’re going to bring in … What they did on the first one is all the directors became executive producers. So they just keep adding to it. What I can promise is they are not going to stop until it’s excellent. And if that means it takes a little bit longer, if that means it’s even bigger, if that means it’s longer — they don’t play by anybody’s rules. They work really hard. As actors in it, we’re always shocked that we get called in to record on this last one. I think it was a month before it screened, where we could not believe we were still recording. So they’re not going to quit until it’s great and I have nothing but faith in them. But in terms of giving anything away [about the story], can’t do it.”

Beyond the Spider-Verse was originally supposed to be released in 2024 before its release date was removed from the schedule. The release of the film will be pushed back, but the movie is currently in production. I can’t wait to see how this story comes to an end!

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