Art for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine’s Mask in DEADPOOL 3 Leaks Online — GeekTyrant

While we’ve seen set photos of Hugh Jackman wearing Wolverine’s iconic yellow and blue costume in Deadpool 3, we still have yet to see him wearing the mask. We know the mask will appear in the film, we just haven’t seen it yet! But thanks to some promo art that has leaked online, we now have our first look at the design of the mask, and it’s exactly what you might expect it to look like!

It was previously reported that Wolverine will wear his mask and that mask will have white lenses like in the comic books, which is what this art shows off. It was also said that at some point in the movie, Wolverine will tear the sleeves off his suit during some kind of situation, which will be fun to see!

The promo art was shared by movie scooper @CanWeGetToast, and you can check it out below. It’s going to be so cool to finally, after all these years, see Hugh Jackman fully decked out as Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

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