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Konami recently released the best product for the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game in years if not ever. The 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection has caused a lot of buzz in the Yu-Gi-Oh! community and rightly so. The set is a mere reprint set, but Konami actually seems to have gone above and beyond on this one. First, there are only 79 cards and they’re almost all sought after cards including powerful staples like Lightning Storm, Forbidden Droplet, and Dark Ruler No More. Second, each card is available in each of the SEVEN rarities! That brings us to the third point in its favor: two rarities were finally brought from the OCG to the TCG! The full list of rarities include Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, Platinum Secret Rare, Quarter Century Secret Rare, Prismatic Collector’s Rare (brand new to TCG), and Prismatic Ultimate Rare (brand new to the TCG)! I really love these new rarities. They look stunning in person and I think the Prismatic Collector’s Rare might be my new favorite rarity in the game. I haven’t even mentioned how the Rarity Collection offers alternate artwork versions for Knightmare Unicorn and Eldlich, the Golden Lord.

The Rarity Collection has something for everyone and that’s why everyone is loving it. It has new rarities and alternate art of a couple cards for collectors. Competitive players can grab necessary cards for a little cheaper and even bling out their decks more. Likewise, the reprints make it easier and cheaper for casual duelists to bring their decks to the next level.

Dear Konami, please make this an annual thing. I don’t care if this replaces the tins or the tins become rarity collections or maybe we keep both products separate. Please release a rarity collection annually. You’ll want to change up the card lists to include any new powerful staples and make things different, but having a relatively small card list where each card is available in each rarity is a major win. Plus, all the shininess is always a pull. Yu-Gi-Oh! duelists love shiny cardboard! Shiny equals good, right?

Below you can check out a video where I get to open a full box of 24 packs that Konami was kind enough to send out to me. I am still unconvinced that the camera does justice to anything shinier than a Secret Rare, but I promise that the luxury rarities are stunning in person. Let me know in the comments what cards you’ve pulled and what your favorite rarity is for Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

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