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Director Terry Gilliam is currently developing his next film project Carnival at the End of Days, and he wants to cast Johnny Deep in the role of Satan. In the film, “God wipes out humanity and the only character who wants to save them is Satan, and Johnny Depp plays Satan.”

When talking about the film the filmmaker explained that he’s co-writing the script with an unnamed 33-year-old scriptwriter, and explained: “Because as you get older the world becomes more foreign to you.” When talking about the wild story that the film is going to tell, Gilliam said:

“This is a simple tale of God wiping out humanity for f –king up his beautiful garden Earth. There’s only one character who’s trying to save humanity and that’s Satan, because without humanity he’s lost his job and he’s an eternal character and so to live without a job is terrible. So he finds some young people and he tries to convince God that these young people are the new Adam and Eve. God still gets to wipe out humanity. It’s a comedy.”

Yep, that sounds like a Terry Gilliam film. It sounds like this film idea may have been born from his unproduced Time Bandits sequel. That sequel involved new Time Bandits as they embarked on a mission to save the world from God’s wrath on the millennium. Gilliam explained: “God had bottled out on the first 1,000 years, because he was going to destroy the place, it was a disaster, and now come [the year] 2000 he’s finally going to do it.”

Carnival at the End of Days sounds like it will be a pretty wild Gilliam film! It will be interesting to see if he actually ends up casting Depp as Satan. Gilliam previously worked with Depp on his first attempt to make The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. But that version of the project completely fell apart and that experience was covered in the documentary, Lost in La Mancha.

What do you think about the possibility of Depp and Gilliam teaming up for this next film?


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