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Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx co-starred in the 2004 film Collateral alongside Academy Award-nominated actor Tom Cruise. While both actors are major stars, and gave incredible performances in the movie, and only one of them is an Oscar-winner, the other one was treated with a bit more care on set when a little stunt went awry.

CinemaBlend reports that several years ago Jamie Foxx appeared on The Graham Norton Show where he relayed a story from the set of Collateral, where Foxx played cab driver Max, who is enlisted against his will as the chauffeur for professional killer, Vincent, played by Tom Cruise. Foxx says that during filming, a stunt went wrong, resulting in an actual car crash on set. Apparently, this caused everybody to come rushing to check on Tom Cruise but nobody seemed too worried about Foxx. He explained:

“What happens is, the car gets out of control and I actually do crash into the car. And when they get there, they’re like ‘Jamie, get out of the way, Tom! Are you ok?’ And that’s where you know where you are.”

Jamie Foxx laughs while telling the story here, so even then he was clearly over it, and in retrospect, it likely was very funny. It doesn’t sound like the crash caused any serious injuries to anybody, so I’m sure that’s why he was able to laugh it off. It’s one of those things that could make you really mad or sad if you didn’t have a good sense of humor about it.

The movie is one of my favorites, and Foxx went on to get an Oscar nod for it, so it worked out pretty well for everyone, and precious Tom Cruise went on to be just fine, and he’s put himself through many more, much more dangerous stunts in the future.


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