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Hi, this is Krzysiek, one of the founders of the Monster Couch studio. I would like to tell you about the just released Wingspan: Oceania Expansion. A continuation of the Wingspan game, which we hope you will love as much as we do.

However, let’s start with what is Wingspan. It’s a digital board game full of birds for one-to-five players. You get to play with your nature reserve composed of three habitats – forest, grassland, and wetland. Your task is to attract the most interesting birds with unusual powers, which will help you score points, achieve various goals, and, consequently, win. You can play solo against AI, with friends on your couch, or with strangers online. All is done to the accompaniment of serene, tranquil music to give you a calming experience.

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We wanted to combine the competitive side of the game with a relaxing experience, and an opportunity to learn about birds. To give you access to the colorful birdlife world we’ve implemented recordings of real bird sounds. Each card is accompanied by an interesting fact that will expand your knowledge of these remarkable creatures. We have also divided the entire board according to habitats. You can experience your gameplay on three layers created with eye-pleasing backgrounds hand-painted by our artists.

Wingspan: Oceania Expansion develops all these features of the base version of the game and takes the gameplay to a new level. Look what you will encounter in the enchanting world of Oceania birds.

Welcome New Feathered Friends

So far, in Wingspan and its European Expansion DLC, we have been able to experience birds from the North American and European regions. The next addition will introduce nearly a hundred new birds from Oceania. Many of them have a completely new type of power, changing the balance of gameplay.

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Try Nectar to Sweeten Your Day

A brand new type of food will diversify the diet of Wingspan birds. Nectar becomes a resource useful for playing bird cards, and spending it earns you extra points at the end of each round. In Oceania, sweet snacks are worth having.

WSO screenshot

Varied Player Boards

Wingspan: Oceania Expansion introduces new mechanics to the game, which requires adapting the player board to new decisions and challenges. We introduced a feature that enables you to reset some of your resources. Refresh the card tray or roll your bird feeder dice whenever you need. With a revamped player board you can also get more food dice and bird cards than before. You don’t have to focus on laying eggs as before. All these changes diversify available strategies and take the metagame in new directions.

WSO screenshot

Immerse Yourself in the Relaxing, Picturesque Landscapes of Oceania

Wingspan: Oceania Expansion stays true to its commitment to being a relaxing, aesthetically pleasing experience. Hear a new soundtrack in the game that will put you in a state of bliss. New backgrounds will take you to paradise places such as green jungle, or a sandy beach.

WSO screenshot

Finally, I would like to invite you to join our flock of players on Discord. There you can learn a lot about the game and strategies, and find friends to play together.

If you want to know what we’re up to, you can also follow our social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Thank you for your time and see you in the skies!

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You are bird enthusiasts—researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors—seeking to discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves. Each bird extends a chain of powerful combinations in one of your habitats. Each habitat focuses on a key aspect of the growth of your preserves.

In Wingspan up to 5 players compete to build up their nature preserves in a limited number of turns. Each beautiful bird that you add to your preserve makes you better at laying eggs, drawing cards, or gathering food. Many of the 170 unique birds have powers that echo real life: your hawks will hunt, your pelicans will fish, and your geese will form a flock.


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