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According to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, Brad Pitt was originally supposed to play Cable in Deadpool 2. Pitt would’ve made an interesting choice, but in the end, Josh Brolin was cast in the role, and he was perfect as the character. He was a much better choice than Pitt!

During a recent interview on CB’s Collectibles Show, Liefeld was asked about the character’s resemblance to Brad Pitt and the rumor that Pitt was going to play Cable, and he said:

“I know for 100% fact that was true. They did previews, and David Leitch had a very special relationship doing stunt work with [Pitt]. What people don’t know is that was very early early on. So when they knew they weren’t going in that direction, they went down several others.”

Now, while Pitt didn’t play Cablie, he did show up in the film for like a frame or two as Vanisher, who was one of the ill-fated members of the X-Force team.

Liefeld went on to talk about Brolin’s casting and how his wife had to convince him to read for the role. Had he not agreed, someone else would have taken on the role of Cable. Luckily everything worked out!

There’s no word on if Cable will show up in Deadpool 3, but I sure hope he does!


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