Leaked Details From Marvel’s Spotlight ECHO Series Look to Pave the Way for the Character to Continue in the MCU — GeekTyrant


CBM reports that industry scooper @Cryptic4KQual has shared new intel on how Echo starts and ends, and they explained: 

“Echo, returning to her hometown, hides her criminal past while rediscovering her Native-American roots. The past resurfaces when Kingpin finds her and reveals the Black Knife Cartel, their former affiliation, is targeting them. Despite their current relationship, Echo and Kingpin must unite for survival.”

So, rather than being at odds, it looks like these two will need to team up to take down a common enemy, though, knowing Wilson Fisk, he will probably exploit Maya and stab her in the back the first chance he gets. The report goes on to say:

“The finale unfolds with Echo embarking on a fresh chapter as a private investigator in New York City. The concluding scene paves the way for the next phase of her journey, as Daredevil approaches her with a new case, seamlessly transitioning into the narrative of ‘Daredevil: Born Again.'”

If this all pans out, it will be cool to see Maya continue on in the MCU. It would be awesome to see her fully team up with Daredevil! Echo is set to drop all five episodes on Disney+ on January 10th.

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