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John Woo’s first American action film, Silent Night, takes audiences on a gritty revenge journey, unfolding the tormented tale of a father (Joel Kinnaman) who witnesses the tragic death of his son in a gang crossfire on Christmas Eve. The film features Woo’s signature style and visceral storytelling, but it introduces an experimental twist—none of the characters speak, leaving the audience to rely solely on the visual narrative.

The action in Silent Night is exceptionally cool, and Joel Kinnaman delivers a badass performance in his role as the vengeful father. However, the decision to eliminate all dialogue, while ambitious, ends up being a double-edged sword for the film.

The absence of spoken words in a film can be a bold choice, and in this case, it led to an unintentional comedic experience. Throughout the movie, characters find themselves in intensely emotional situations, such as a husband and wife going through sorrow and grief and ultimately separating. While the intention is to evoke sadness, the lack of verbal communication results in a somewhat amusing viewing expereince. I found myself chuckling at the irony that a simple conversation could have potentially prevented the characters’ turmoil. Instead, they resort to intense stares like they are reading each other’s minds, creating unintentional humor in what should be serious moments.

Kinnaman’s performance is commendable, especially considering the challenge of conveying emotions without the aid of dialogue. His physicality and facial expressions become crucial tools in portraying the depth of his character’s grief and determination. There was still a void in the film left by the absence of spoken words and it created some amusingly awkward situations.

John Woo has a reputation as a visual storyteller and Silent Night certainly showcases his prowess in crafting thrilling action sequences. The film is heavily loaded with Woo’s signature style, delivering a thrill-a-minute experience that action enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate. While the experimental nature of the film is intriguing, the gimmick of having no dialogue detracts from the emotional weight that the story could have carried.

Silent Night stands as an interesting experiment in storytelling, blending Woo’s action expertise with a unique filmmaking experience. While it may not have fully clicked for me, fans of Woo’s style might find it a worthwhile venture.

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