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Zack Snyder has gotten a lot of crap from critics over the years in regards to the movies that he’s made. The filmmaker is not a stranger to criticism, but there is one thing that a critic said about him that has stuck with him.

During an interview with Men’s Health Snyder responded to a critic who said that Snyder “probably masturbated every time he says cut.” The filmmaker shared:

“A lot of intellectuals— I don’t know what you would call it, the cinephile-elite-genre-press people—are kind of anti-me for whatever reason. ‘Zack Snyder probably masturbates every time he says cut.’

“I was just like, Really? You think that’s a cool thing to say? Because you have this perception of me as some sort of supermacho—I don’t think I’m a macho dude. I’m interested in masculine tropes. But as tropes.”

Yeah, Snyder definitely does enjoy his masculine tropes, especially with his film 300, which he might actually make a sequel to one day.

Anyway, it is pretty crazy and silly that a critic would say something so mean and distasteful like that about a filmmaker because they didn’t like a movie. I mean, you might not like his films, but the guy is a real person with a family, and there’s nothing that warrants a comment like that. No. That’s definitely not a cool thing to say.

If a critic doesn’t like a movie, fine, but at least contribute some constructive criticism.


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