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Hideo Kojima is developing a strange new horror game titled OD, and a teaser trailer has been released giving us a glimpse at the unsettling tone. Get Out and Nope director Jordan Peele also worked on the game as a collaborator.

The game stars IT actress Sophia Lillis along with Hunter Schafer, and as you’ll see, things get weird, uncomfortable, and creepy as you watch the teaser.

There are no details on the story that the game will tell, but there’s no doubt that it will deliver something crazy and wild for gamers. Kojima said in a statement: “We are working with Xbox Game Studios and their cloud gaming technology to take on the challenge of creating a very unique, immersive, and totally new style of game – or rather, a new form of media.”

It’s explained that “OD explores the concept of testing your fear threshold, and what it means to OD on fear – while blurring the boundaries of gaming and film.”

When previously talking about wanting to jump back into the horror genre Kojima said that he’s got some revolutionary ideas in mind that he hopes will scare the living shit out of people:

“I’m easily frightened myself, so I have confidence that I could create something more terrifying than perhaps others could. I get frightened of things like darkness and imagine shadows of ghosts in the dark.

“P.T. ended as just an experiment, but I would like to make another horror game someday. Something that uses a revolutionary method to create terror, that doesn’t just make you pee your pants, but crap them. I already have ideas in mind.”

Maybe this new game, OD, is going to deliver that. The game is being published by Xbox Game Studios, and it will be an Xbox console exclusive. We just don’t know when it will be released.


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