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Some new concept art created for Marvel’s Moon Knight series has surfaced showing off several alternate costume designs for the characters of Marc Spector and Steven Grant. These designs are incredibly cool!

While the show ended up being a bit muddled, I did love the design work in the series and I was a fan of the costumes that were used in it for Moon Knight and Mr. Knight. But, it’s interesting to see what some of the other early designs looked like.

I have no idea what the future holds for this character in the MCU, but it ended with the introduction of Jake Lockley. When talking about the future of Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac said:

“There have been some specific conversations. They were pleasant. The spilling of the details is that there are no details. We don’t know [if there will be a second season], but we’re talking about it. Truthfully, it’s about the story. ‘Is there a story worth telling? Is it interesting? Will I feel embarrassed about it when it comes out?’

“So, it’s just about, ‘Is there something worth pouring everything you have into?’ And with Moon Knight, that was very much about that. It’s creating a structure so that every morning when the alarm went off, I couldn’t wait to get to the set because I wanted to try something different.

“Whether [Moon Knight returns] in a group thing or maybe a great idea comes around for a season two or if it’s a standalone film or whatever it could be. I think it’s just approaching it in that kind of way. It’s the story first.”

While we wait to see what the future of Moon Knight holds, enjoy the concept art below!

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