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Adam Savage has released a new video on Tested, and this is an interesting one as he talks about his time working on the hit series MythBusters. He specifically talked about his co-star in the series, Jamie Hyneman, and if he enjoyed making the show.

As you probably already know, Savage and Hyneman have never really been friends. They were just working partners on the show. Hyneman previously talked about their relationship, saying: “We like to point out we’ve known each other for 25 years and never once sat down to have dinner alone together. We sort of managed to tolerate each other.”

In this latest video Savage explains that while they were making the series, there were moments where he wasn’t sure if Hyneman would return to do the show. If that happened, Savage reveals that he would’ve liked to replace him with someone, and that person was his old Industrial Light & Magic supervisor Michael Lynch, and he explains why.

I loved watching Mythbusters and it’s one of those shows that I miss seeing new episodes of. If you were also a fan, then there’s no doubt you’ll find this to be an interesting video to watch.

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