186: Building a CryptoCurrency DEX with Over $200 Million in Daily Trading Volume While Traveling t


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Grace “Ori” Kwan reflects on her experience growing up in a Chinese immigrant family in Westchester, NY, navigating her Chinese-American identity, and how her interest in world travel developed.  She then takes us on her culinary journey, explains how she likes to explore other cultures through food, and then shares her path to entrepreneurship.  Ori also opens up about her Cryptocurrency journey, including why she was initially skeptical of crypto but how she came to understand it can be used for good.  She provides an overview of decentralized finance (“DeFi”), decentralized exchanges (“DEXs”) and the Solana blockchain.  She then offers some reflections on the collapse of Terra Luna, and lessons we can take from that.  Ori also talks about founding Orca as an Automated Market Maker (“AMM”) on the Solana blockchain.  She provides an overview of how Liquidity Pools work and explains the downside risk of Impermanent Loss when providing liquidity with a token pair. She then talks about Orca’s “Whirlpools” and explains how  Concentrated Liquidity Pools work.  Ori also talks about the Orca governance token and DAO, the Orcanauts NFT project, and the Orca Impact Fund.  Ori then talks about how she structures her digital nomad life, shares some travel experiences from Italy, gives tips on managing a fully distributed team, and reflects on what travel means to her.  FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com


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